Dear Disc Golf Friends!

Welcome to the 7th Őrség Open, a PDGA C-Tier Event! Unless you are a newbie to this tournament, then you know what to expect: a beautiful landscape, a friendly environment, and a course that may look easy at first glance, but can offer some surprises, a friendly get together at the camp site, and an unforgettable goulash soup made on an open fire!

Please note two important changes this year:
1) new course
2) new method for paying the tournament fees

The course

The course is located in the heart of the Õrség National Park, a cultural and natural heritage site in Hungary. The national park is relatively large, however the hosting village of the event shall be the "capital" of the Õrség region, Õriszentpéter. Hence the name of the tournament.
Õriszentpéter is 10kms away from the Slovenian border, and perhaps 30 kms away from the triple border of Austria-Slovenia-Hungary.

!!!!! - new course this year - !!!!!
The area where the tournament used to take place is unfortunately not available this year, and as such, we had to move the tournament to a new location.
This course is also in Őriszentpéter, not further from the camp site as the old course. It will be super easy for you to find the course, as we will:
- send a google map link to all players shortly before the tournament
- print out maps, and place them at visible places on the camp site
- put a "disc golf" sign at the only crossroads

Note that there are no facilities at the course. We shall bring festival tents and benches, a large ice box with water, and as usual, lunch will be served at the course, but apart from this everything is on you.


Fees, registration, payment
The player fee for the tournament will be 35 EUR / person.

Players need to transfer the fee latest until July 26 to the following bank account:
Account holder: Kanyon Disc Golf Sportegyesület
Bank name: Magnet Bank
IBAN: HU90-16200010-10055403-00000000

The tournament fee includes:

  • Two breakfasts, two lunch packages
  • a traditional "gulyás leves" (goulash soup) made on an open fire, as dinner on saturday. The vegetarian counterpart of the soup will be a disch called "lecsó", a ratatouille kind of cook-up of tomatoes and paprika
  • a contribution to the prizes
  • a 1 euro / player contribution to the Hungarian Frisbee Association
  • Accomodation price is NOT included in the player’s fee (see below)

You can also select a "no food" option for any of the days, in this case your tournament fee will be reduced.

The accommodation will be provided by the “Fazekasnő Vendégház”, here's a map link to the place ( This is a handcrafted pottery workshop , so once you pass it on the street, you’ll know you came to the right place. The accommodation is on a campsite, where common water facilities are serving the campers.
The campsite also has a kitchen and a large fridge, so campers can store their own food/drinks there if they wish.

There are the following accommodation types:

  • Wooden house, 2-6 ppl / room -> 14 EUR / person / night (plus local tourist tax - roughly 1 EUR / night)
  • Camping in tents / camping bus (bring your own home) ->  8 EUR / person / night (plus local tourist tax)
  • Double rooms in stone house (limited number, 4-5 couples max) -> 16 EUR / night / person

Please note that the double room option is very limited. We do not want to distribute them on a first come, first served basis, but more like a “who really needs it”, common sense basis: married couples, ppl arriving with families, etc. have priority.

Please indicate the kind of accommodation you need on the registration sheet, we’ll do our best to grant everybody the kind of accommodation they wish for.

Important: Accomodation will be payable directly to the hosting lady, latest until Saturday evening!

Breakfast will be served in Bognár Étterem (Bognár Restaurant), and it shall be a buffet brakfast table including one hot drink per person. The restaurant is located ~ 500m from the campsite: 9941 Őriszentpéter, Kovácsszer 96,

As for dinner on friday night, we have two recommendations:
1) one is called Pajta Bisztró (, it is on the way to the course from the campsite. An award winning restaurant serving limited sortiment of gourmet type food, handcrafted beer, very cool nature atmosphere
2) Berek, a fish restaurant 5kms away from Öriszentpéter (, serving traditional sweet water fish dishes, and extremely tasty food from the Őrség region

For lunch on the tournament days we'll get two large sandwiches and some fruits, delivered to the course.

Saturday dinner will be the traditional "gulyás leves" (goulash soup) made on an open fire. The vegetarian counterpart of the soup will be a disch called "lecsó", a ratatouille kind of cook-up of tomatoes and paprika. We expect the food to be ready about 19:30, so if your stomach doesn't last until that late, then perhaps you could organise a small snack for yourself.


Friday, July 29
The course will be up and playable by 1-2 pm in the afternoon.

Saturday, July 30
7:30 - 8:45 Breakfast at the restaurant, ~ 500m from the campsite
9:00 Players meeting for round at the tents
9:30 - 12:30 Round #1
12:30 - 13:30 lunch break
13:30 Players meeting for round #2 behind the church at hole #1
14:00 - 17:00 Round #2

In the evening, friendly get together at the campsite, and of course the gulyás leves.

Sunday, July 31
7:30 - 8:45 Breakfast at the restaurant, ~ 500m from the campsite
9:00 Players meeting for round #1 behind the church at hole #1
9:30 - 12:30 Round #1
12:30 - 13:30 lunch break, lunch packages will be provided at breakfast
13:30 Finals: 9 holes, for 24 top open, and 4 top ladies players
15:00 closing ceremony

Contact the TD
Dani Hatvani #31400 , TD
hatvani07 at gmail dot com
+36 - thirty - 7775610