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All things Disc Golf . . .
Disc Golf EC - Hungarian squad
After the last qualifiaction tournament held on April 23, the team of three now stands. 
Central European Disc Golf Championships - info
This article should give readers a good picture of what will await them on this fantastic inaugural competition. 
Tournament calendar - 2016
The most important tournaments in 2016 having a Hungarian relevance are now published in the google calendar of the HUFA.
CEDGC bid allocation
Next year Central European Disc Golf Championships is kicking off, and we gathered some information about it.
DG EC 2016 - qualifications

After two qualifying events, the race for the 3 available spots continues.

Disc Golf Hungarian national championshiPS
On October 10-11, 2015, the national champions of Hungarian disc golf were crowned.
Disc Golf EC 2016 - qualifications
The recent DG Hungarian Championships was also a qualification event for next year's EC.
New PDGA Country Coordinator for Hungary
As of 22 September, the PDGA Country Coordinator for Hungary is Gergely Hrubó (#71781).
Budapest Disc Golf Open 2015
Registration to the Budapest Disc Golf Open 2015 starts on ...

Őrség Open - scores
The (not yet) official scores from Őrség Open are published at the PDGA site.
Disc Golf Hungarian National Championships

As already announced in the tournament calendar of the Hungarian Frisbee Association, the tournament will be held on October 10-11. Details below, more to follow later.


2016 Disc Golf EC - qualification criteria
The HUFA is now announcing the qualification criteria for players to become eligible for representing Hungary at the DGEC 2016.
Pics from Florida
at the below link
Report on a trip to Florida ...
... however only in Hungarian...
Őrség Open 2015 - registration
Is now open.
New disc golf course installed
A very much beginner friendly, 9 hole disc golf course has been installed in the heart of the Mátra, in the city of Mátrafüred.
Finland to host EDGC2016
The Oulu bid was selected from among three applications, and was announced as the clear winner today by the EC work group of PDGA Europe.
PDGA memberships
... sorry, the article has no english translation ...
Discgolf Promo
... sorry, this article has no english translation ...
Putting National Championships

For the first time in the history of Hungarian Disc Golf, a naitonal putting championships will be held on 30 November, 2014.

Fix course opened in Őrség
Hungary's second fix course has opened its doors to the public recently.
Weather Report

This is an article on how the weather has affected two recent tournaments. Unfortunately a total of 3 rounds had to be cancelled due to heavy fog in the last two weeks on two tournaments, one of them being a eurotour event, the other being a austro-hungaro tour event. too bad, we feel terribly sorry for the organisers.

Őrség Open - report
Sorry, this article has no english translation
Disc Golf European Championships - report
Sorry, this article is only available in Hungarian
Őrség Open 2014 - registration
Registration to the 2014 Őrség Open starts today.
Tali Open 2014
Sorry, this entry has no english translation. Yet.
Smolenice open
.. sorry, no english translation for this article ...
Castelland Open - Esienstadt
Sorry, this article has no english translation. A synopsis of the Hungarian version would be  like this: Avery Jenkins and Simon Lizotte came to the tournament, and showed the people how they play disc golf on another planet .. Very educational and extremely entertaining!
1. Disc Golf Hungarian national championships
For the first time ever, our favourite sport is featuring the Hungarian national championships.
Course maintenance works on Spiritus
On the may 10-11 and may 17-18 weeekends we'll be mowing the loan on the course. Course will be usable again after that, and let's hope that the grass won't grow very fast again.
Ottensheim Open - results
Sorry, this title is only available in Hungarian. Our team went to play at the Ottensheim Open, the results are found under this link
Local champs series 2014 - here it comes
The greatest hit of 2013 is back this year.
Budapest Disc Golf Open - results
Please see the results here:
sorry, we didn't bother to do an english translation of this article..
BPDGO - players' dinner
Budapest Disc Golf Open, 2014 March 15-16
The first tournament of the AHT 2014 is going to be held in Budapest.
Community disc golf events - disc golf for beginners
On every second saturday, starting from January 11th we shall organise community disc golf events in the Spiritus Disc Golf Park.
Info about the 2014 season
Happy New Year to all disc golfers!
What is PDGA, and why it is good for us?
Ok, this is another article to which i have provided no english translation. It is mainly aimed for the hungarian players, and explains them shortly the benefits of PDGA membership, the rating system, and gives other useful information. All of this is available at
Local champs series - over
45 players, 232 days, 423 rounds, 23093 throws, 35 discs lost and 33 recovered, that was our local champs series in brief numbers. And of course, the event was concluded and crowned with a one day tournament in Spiritus Disc Golf Park.

Local championships - closing event
The greatest thing that happened in hungarian disc golf in 2013 is undoubtedly our local championships. As such, it deserves a proper closing event.
Further local disc golf events in 2013
This is a short summary of all the disc golf related events that are still to happen in the course of 2013 in/around Budapest.
Óbuda Open - this is how it happened
Our Csepeli Gyuri was very kind, and wrote a great piece on how he felt at his first tournament. Unfortunately only in Hungarian ...
Schökl Open 2013 - how it happened
Unfortunately this article is only available in Hungarian.
Óbuda Open 2013

Registration to Obuda Open 2013 is now open under Tournaments

Latitude 64 Vesec Open - registration open
By far the greatest and most prestigeous tournament in Czeczh Republic, the Vesec Open is happening on 13-15 September. If you wanna compete against the reigning european champion, then this is your tournament!
Instead of Őrség ..
.. heavy sweating in Spiritus Disc Golf Park
Breking news - Őrség Open 2013 - cancelled
Ufortunately there are times, when bad news must be listed here.
2013 Őrség Open
Registration to the 6th station of the 2013 AHT is now online!
Spiritus Disc Golf Park - local championship series 2013
With a kick-off tournament to be held on March 31st, 2013, the local championship series of Spiritus Disc Golf Park is ready to go.
Internet presence of Spiritus Disc Golf Park
It is time that the first permanent disc golf course in Budapest is credited with its own internet page.
Austrian Open in Ottensheim - apr6-7 - registration open as of march13
Registration for the austrian natinal championships, to be held in Ottensheim is open as of tomorrow, march 13th.
Extension of Spiritus Disc Golf Park - postponed
Contrary to our previous intentions, the installing of 4 additional holes in the Spritus Disc Golf Park will be postponed to a later time.
A man from far away
The kansasman Eric Kolkmeier, president of the second largest disc golf club in the USA (and thus in the world) paid a visit to Hungary in december to see his relatives. And to play at our christmas cup.
Discgolf tournament calendar 2013
This article is intended to be a short summary of the 2013 season, however unfortunately...
Results of chrismtas cup 2012
On December 29, Spiritus Discgolf Park witnessed 2 santa clauses, a turtle resembling Harry Potter, a few bavarian farmers, an arabic rogue, a tourist, two lovely waitresses dressed in fur coats, and 11-12 ordinary looking disc golfers as they assembled to compete in the last tournament of the season.
New year's greetings wishes a very happy and succesful Y2013 to all its readers!
Jesztl and Bak rewarded by the Hungarian Frisbee Association
Each year, the Hungarian Frisbee Association pays a tribute to all those athletes, who have achieved something special or extraordinary during the year.
XMAS cup - Dec29
Please join Otto and his friends, as they reach deep in their drawers searching for old disc golf memories, find a beloved one, dress it up in a kaftan, and make it turn into reality.
2nd Kanoyn Open - results
Despite the freezing temperatures of 4 degrees under 0, a total of 28 players decided to pick up their bowls of hot wine/tea at the start, and engage in a round of winter disc golf.
2nd Kanyon Open
It's true! The Kanyon Open will be repeated!
Budapest Open 2012 - as seen by the TD
As Otfried Derschmidt, title defending expectant of this year's Austro-Hungaro tour wisely commented after the prize ceremony: the weather at budapest open is always much better than forecasted. Right he was indeed, as roughly 5 minutes after the ceremony was concluded, the first raindrops appeared in the sky and Budapest was soon flushed by a very heavy shower. But before that, throughout the whole weekend the total of 40 contestants could enjoy a beautiful, sunny, and literally windless weekend on the Hajógyári (Óbuda) Sziget, grounds of the 2012 Budapest Open, 10th station of this year's Austro-Hungaro Tour.
Budapest Open - players' party on saturday
There is a table reservation for 20 people tonight, in a cool downtown bar&restaurant. 

The bar is called MOST

Reservation is made under the name "frisbee golf", at 20:00. The bartender requested that most of us get there before 20:30.

The address of the bar is: Zichy Jenő utca 17, budapest 6th district.
Please google the address yourself, my smartphone is not smart enough to insert google map links. It is a 15 minute walk from the hostel.

1. Kanyon Open - final results
With an attendance of 34 players, being way beyond the TD's expectation, the inaugural Kanyon Open was a real hit.
... of golf discs
The Hungarian version of this article is a not-so-short essay about different disc ratings, flight charts, etc., an aid for mainly beginners to be able to choose their discs of preference from the supply of any given online store.
Budapest Open - 10th station of the AHT 2012
Registration is now open to the 10th station of this year's AHT, the Budapest Open.
This is how it happened ... - 2012 Schökl Open, 10th station of the AHT
The players of central-eastern europe region got together to celebrate the first anniversary of the pride of all disc golfers in graz, and that with a tournament.
Disc Golf EC 2012 – it’s over
The boys have returned from the EC, and we’re proud of their performances! The course proved to be very challenging for them, but they came back with lots of great experiences and motivation for the future.
Vandalism at Spiritus DG Park
If anyone passes by, they’ll see that the basket on hole #4 and hole #5 is halfway removed.
inaugural Kanyon Open at the Spiritus Disc Golf Park
Spiritus DG Park will host its inaugural tournament on September 29th, 2012.
Disc Golf EC 2012 – halftime report
Two rounds are over at this year’s major tournament, and our boys are still going very strong! With 1 round to go for Jóska (Jesztl), and 2 rounds for Laci (Bak), there is still a realistic chance to make top half of the open category.
Disc Golf EC 2012
The oldest mentioned town in England will host this year's Disc Golf EC. The campus of the University of Essex in Colchester are expecting 200+ athletes to fight for the title of the best european disc golf player, with our boys being of course two of them.
sorry, this entry has no english equivalent...
Őrség Open - check
With a record number of 53 players teeing off on saturday morning, the Őrség Open kept on living up to the tradition of being the friendliest tournament on the tour.
Torunament in Őrség, Őriszentpéter
As the 7th stop of the AHT, the Őrség Open will be organised in 2012 as well.
It's open !!!

The idea conceived in November 2011 has become reality on July 6th, 2012. The first permanent and public disc golf course (14 holes) in Budapest was opened for the general public, on the corner of Testvérhegyi lejtő - Kubik utca, 3rd district, Budapest.

3 baskets are out
3 baskets are now up and running at our new disc golf course. Although the course is yet to be named, 6 holes are already playable.
Our traces are now left behind in the city
The construction/installation works of the first public disc golf course in the city have commenced.
Óbuda disc golf course - volunteers needed
A group of volunteers shall be starting and hopefully finishing the installation works of our new óbuda course on the weekend of June 16-17th. If you feel like contributing to these works with a pair of strong hands, then please read on.
Registration for Smolenice Open is now online
Hungarian victory at the Hebalm Open
Despite the not so promising weather forecast, 7 Hungarian disc golfers decided to attend the Hebalm Open 2012. Beautiful alpine scenery, sauna, wienerschnitzels the size of a frisbee, and the first disc golf course in Austria were waiting for them.
Permanent course in Budapest
After an unsuccesful attempt made in 2007, Spiritus SC has now found a Budapest district municipality who picked up the idea of a permanent disc golf course, and gave place and opportunity to the club to build a permanent disc golf course.
rebirth of
It's been almost two years without new entries on
Őrség Disc Golf Open 2010
sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian
2010 Budapest Disc Golf Open results
sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian
Castleland Winter Open, Február 13., Eisenstadt
sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian
Changes to the AHT tour format as of 2010
sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian
Tournament calendar for year 2010
sorry, this entry is only available in Hungarian
Total Dominance!
The 2009 disc golf tournament season finished up with sweeping success for the Hungarian representatives of the sport. If there was a disc golf title in Central Europe, we won it!
Central European League (CEL)
A new initiative has started in 2009 for disc golf players in Central Europe. The idea has been discussed for a long time, and has now come to fruition, with four tournaments in four countries being designated to form a Central European super-tour.
The Austro-Hungaro Tour
The Austro-Hungaro tour is a selection of disc golf tournaments played in both Austria and Hungary as the name suggests.
Disc Golf in Hungary
Disc golf is still a minority sport in Hungary, but it has a small and dedicated band of followers and practicioners.
Disc Golf Hungary ( Site Launch!
After a long period of development, Hungary's first dedicated disc golf site has been launched to the public and the disc golfing community.