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Results of chrismtas cup 2012
On December 29, Spiritus Discgolf Park witnessed 2 santa clauses, a turtle resembling Harry Potter, a few bavarian farmers, an arabic rogue, a tourist, two lovely waitresses dressed in fur coats, and 11-12 ordinary looking disc golfers as they assembled to compete in the last tournament of the season.
Although an outsider spectator could have easily doubted the seriousness of this great event, the waitresses made sure that even those misgiving doubters put a smile on their faces while witnessing a turtle making a putt. Of course little did these people know that the reason behind the mascarade was a legal and serious attempt at minimising one's scores: costumes were awarded by strokes off the final scores of contestants!

As such, it was not only the TD/organizer and winner of the tournament Hársfai "Ottó" Péter who walked home with a trophy, but also Hatvani Róbert, the person who by acclamation wore the most authentic santa claus costume, had a little something to take home from the tournament.

The results of the tournament are as follows:
RankNameRound score
Costume bonus
1Hársfai Péter46-343
2Zalán Benedek52-844
3Gáspár László53-845
4Hatvani Róbert58-1246
5Petri Dávid46046
6Kazai Bálint48048
7Eric Kolkmeier49049
8Balsai Csaba51-150
9Kazai János54-351
10Hatvai Dániel52052
11Furka Róbert53053
12Bak László55055
13Kiss Norbert57057
14Pálinkás Szilárd58058
15Rektenwald Ákos62062
16Bencze Krisztián66066
17Bartha Gábor67067
18Farkas Dusán68068
19Kazai Kornél75-372
20Rektenwald Attila75075

Once again thanks to the organisational committee for this great event! And thanks to Eric Kolkmeier for showing up and making the tournament international!

Please follow for such future events!